About Me

Hi! I'm Katie. 
I have been interested in health and nutrition for over fifteen years. I can remember exactly when I really started noticing how food affected me, and that what I put into my body made a difference in how I felt. I'm not talking about strictly from a "diet" perspective, like high calorie versus low calorie foods, but more of the types of foods and food groups that made me feel energized, or those that made me feel like crap.

 When I was around twenty years old, I had a bout of "food poisoning." I put this in quotes because I am still not really sure what it was caused from. I can also vaguely remember having strep throat or another illness not long before that and taking antibiotics for it; which I've also flagged in my memory as being partly responsible for my future digestive health.

 Regardless, I started having severe digestive issues and feeling genuinely poor after most foods I ate. I worked a second shift job at that time; and didn't have to be into the office until 12:30pm. I can remember my routine like it was yesterday. Wake up, make lunch (breakfast?); consisting of microwavable pizza or leftover pasta, and a bowl of ice cream, and then sit on the couch watching 90210 re-runs with my sister until it was time to drag myself into the shower and off to work. Well, needless to say I felt terrible and "dragging myself" was really what I was doing.

 I eventually went to see my primary care physician who recommended a high fiber diet. I tried this for a while by mainly adding fiber supplements (Metamucil, fiber-con, etc.), but didn't really make many other changes. Since I still wasn’t feeling much better, I eventually made an appointment with a GI specialist.

 After many tests, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, and then later IBS. That being said, the doctors then introduced me to Lactaid supplements, and again more fiber. I tried everything over the years, and went back and forth, and honestly none of it really helped.

 That being said, it wasn’t 100% their fault. I was extremely guilty of “cheating” and continuing to indulge in my favorite foods; pizza, ice cream, cheese, pasta (are you starting to see a theme here?)...and I have still had my weak moments today. What I’ve finally learned, and what Integrative Nutrition has taught me, is that simply avoiding these foods, taking supplements to aid my digestion, etc., may not be the only way to feel better, or the cure. Yes, I have learned about many, many diets (over 100!) in my training, but one of the most important things is not only what you put in your mouth, but how “primary foods’ play a role in your life.

What exactly are primary foods you may ask? Contact me for an herbal and nutritional consultation and I will educate you on this and many other ways to make you feel amazing inside and out! Here's a sneak peek of some discoveries we will uncover when we work together: 

  • How to treat your body with respect.
  • How to provide “self-care” for yourself.
  • Get to the root cause of your incurable evil cravings!
  • Find out how plant-based medicine and herbal tea formulas can help your body heal itself.
  • Why it is important to dig deep within yourself and find what makes you happy.
  • Remain balanced in your relationships and other parts of your life.
  • And most importantly, learn that we are not all the same...and there isn’t one cure or diet that fits everyone.
I’ve found all of this about myself personally, and I want to help you get there too. We will take this journey together, and I’m so excited about starting it with you!

 I truly care about my health, the health of my loved ones, and others suffering in the world. I want to be able to educate and inspire people to eat clean and live a happy, peaceful and pain-free existence. Since recently becoming a mother, I pride myself on raising my son in a non-toxic environment with alternative, natural healing methods. My study of herbalism has also further reinforced what I've learned about the body's innate ability to heal itself and get back into balance.

 Please continue reading on my website to learn how my personal history and training at Integrative Nutrition and the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies can help you meet your goals and connect with your body, soul and emotions in a healthy and energizing way.

If you don't need to look any further, then let’s talk. Schedule an initial consultation with me today!

Peace & Love,