Herbal Remedies & Consultations

Are you stressed, depressed, anxious, and just can't deal?

Kick those pharmaceutical drugs to the curb and try some natural healing! 

Contact me today and learn how herbs can help to remind your body to heal itself and bring it back to it's natural state.

Six years ago, my journey of self-love and holistic healing also brought me 3000 miles away from my friends and family to sunny San Diego, CA. Here, besides the sun and surf, I fell in love with herbal medicine and plant healing. I started taking classes at a small school in the surfside community of Ocean Beach; the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies. After one class I was hooked and finished my clinical training and am a Certified Herbalist.I  have learned that nourishing your body with wholesome nutritious foods and plants with high energy and vibrations will not only make you feel great, but will give you energy and a renewed outlook on life.

Another blessing that California has given me has been the joy of becoming a mother. I pride myself on raising my son in a non-toxic environment with alternative, natural and herbal healing methods. I believe in healing yourself naturally and my study of herbalism has further reinforced what I’ve learned about the body’s innate ability to heal itself and get back into balance. I love educating my family on natural ways of living and incorporating new healing modalities into our lifestyle.

Hello friends! Check out my new video about my favorite healing herb, Lemon Balm! I created this last month after Mercury Retrograde ended but I think we can all agree that after yesterday's full moon we may be feeling some similar effects! Enjoy and contact me with any questions or if you want to learn more!
I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your ailments and draw up an herbal treatment plan that fits your needs or the needs of your family.

I offer herbal consultations where we sit down and discuss your medical history, current issues and come up with a herbal treatment plan that includes medicinal teas, tinctures and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Initial Herbal Consultations: Complimentary (with purchase of tea and tincture)!*
Follow-up (1 hour, no herbs): $50
Quick Consult (30 minutes): $30
Herb Refills (tea and tincture): only $115
Holistic Nutrition Consultation: $125
Supplement Recommendations: $50
Aromatherapy Consult: $50
Hand-crafted Herbal Products: See product list
Meal planning: $200 monthly
Kitchen Clean-Out: $75
Health Food Store Tour: $25
3 month visit package (including herbs): $350    

*Offer through March 31, 2018
Cost of herbs are included the initial herbal consultation, but refills are additional. Please contact me for more information.

Package deals are available that usually include loose herbal tea, compounded tincture, and energetic flower essence.