Getting Off Gluten-DATE: 12/29/2011

Hi everyone! I'm updating my website and found some great old blog posts from my old site that I wanted to share. I am in the midst of working through some new dietary challenges and have been primarily gluten-free for many years now. I always feel better when I don't consume gluten and realize there is a reason. Keep reading... I know how difficult this lifestyle change can be, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on my initial journey going gluten-free 5 years ago. There are two posts, please enjoy! I've learned so much more since then so please keep an eye out for more posts on food and healing your gut coming soon! 


I had a beer last night and low and behold, I suddenly found myself with a stuffy nose. Not too cute when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone.

Had a second beer, and let the bloating begin.

Came home and ate oyster crackers. They’re small right? So they won’t hurt me? Wrong? I felt like garbage when I woke up.

I am writing this blog because I am about to embark on the scariest, toughest adventure I have faced yet; completely ridding my body of all and any products containing the evil protein, gluten. Why, you may ask? Because there is more and more proof (documented and from personal experiences) that most, if not ALL Americans these days are intolerant to gluten. It’s in absolutely everything!! And we all wonder why we feel like crap.

Personally it makes a huge difference to my body when I remove gluten from my diet. I no longer get unexpected headaches, brain fog, stomach bloating, aching, and all around I feel lighter. I have friends for which going gluten-free has changed their lives completely, riding them of symptoms of serious intestinal disease. This is why I’ve decided it’s time for me to finally say goodbye to bread, pasta, beer, marinades, baked goods....etc, and get off the sauce.

But what will I eat??! Don’t worry, follow my blog on my new adventure in gluten-free eating and you’ll see that there are plenty of foods that you can still enjoy without suffering. And of course, I may slip up from time to time (gluten is sneaky and hides in everything), so find out what happens when I eat something gluteny (yes, I made that word up) and pay the price.

I also started reading Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, by Dr. William Davis, so look forward to many facts and statistics about how gluten sensitivity plays a major part in so many ailments that modern Americans suffer from. I can’t wait to to share this all with you!

Dr. Mark Hyman, pioneer of Functional Medicine recently wrote an article about gluten with an oh-so-scary title and similar oh-so-scary content. Read his take on how gluten is hurting us all:


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