Tea Time!


I'm making a batch of my favorite "Peace" tea for the Waldorf Winter Faire this weekend! It is blend of several therapeutic herbs. It is great for stress, relaxation, and soothes the stomach after eating. It's also great for kids for fussiness, colic, or again- upset stomach. Read on to find out some tidbits about some of my favorite herbs!  


Lemon Balm: Oh how I love thee! This is one of my first and favorite plant allies. Lemon balm is actually in the mint family, but also a sweet lemony flavor. It is wonderful as a tea and I also love to extract it in vegetable glycerin to make a tincture/glycerite for kids! Lemon Balm is a nervous system relaxant and also soothes digestive upset, and is an antiviral making it great for fighting colds and a secret weapon against cold sores. One of the reasons I love Lemon Balm is that it not only helps me fight stress, but it lifts my mood at the same. Happy herb! 


Chamomile: This herb friend you are probably already familiar with. She is a tried and true before-bed relaxer, with a sweet soothing flavor. And chamomile is a powerful stress zapper, calms the body suffering from allergic reactions, and is another digestive system supporter! 


Catnip: But... you may be thinking, I'm not a feline?? Believe me, catnip is confusing. But it actually has the opposite effect on us as humans as it does on our furry friends. It calms us! And helps us surrender. And is magically soothing for our bellies too. Another great friend for colicky babies and for fighting fevers.


Rosehips: One of my favorites to add to tea blends, rosehips are the super fruit of one of the most beautiful flowers in nature; the Rose. These guys are tart yet sweet and chock full of vitamin c! Making them awesome for the immune system and adding a flavor that I just love. Has anyone heard of rosehip oil? It's an amazing healing and nutritive oil for the skin; more on that later. 

I just love this tea hot with honey, or in the summer iced with honey and a couple drops of stevia and lemon. The blend is magical and comforting and will relax your mind, body and help you set intentions for a wonderful night's sleep or take the edge off a busy day. That's why I dubbed it, Peace tea. :)


There is so much more I can say about these wonderful healing plants, but I'll leave you with this quick description today.


Hope you're having a wonderful day friends. If you are in San Diego come visit me Saturday at the Waldorf School of San Diego's Winter Faire, (12-6pm) and try some Peace tea. 


Waldorf Winter Faire


Peace & Love,





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