Hey folks! I recently wrote a blog post for The Herbal Academy for a popular summer drink recipe. I added one of my favorite herbs- lemon balm for a calming and tasty twist. Read some of my post below and catch the rest and the recipe on the Herbal Academy blog! 


Are you ready for the summer heat? In this post, I’ll show you how to make lemon balm lemonade. Stay calm, cool, and hydrated all summer long with this herbal twist on an old favorite.

Summer Days


While summer is a time of lazy days and longer nights, it can also be busy and full of activity. Combining herbal infusions and superfoods like raw honey and detoxifying lemons will not only allow you to enjoy easy summertime living, but will also prepare your body for a lot of fun in the sun! Need a break from busy end of the school year activities with the kids? Are picnics, summer camp, and vacation planning making you feel frazzled? Are you looking for a perfect refreshing beverage to serve at a summer event? If so, you may find a soothing glass of lemon balm lemonade to be the perfect compliment.


Lemon Balm Benefits: Calming and Soothing


Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is one of my favorite herbs. Although it is a member of the mint family (Lamiaceae), it has a natural lemony flavor and smells so light and uplifting!


Lemon balm is often used for anxiety, nervous conditions, mild depression (Chevallier, 2000), and to reduce stress (Kennedy et al., 2004). It also has an uplifting, heartwarming quality to it that makes you feel comforted, and it’s considered toning to the body as it repairs the nervous system (Hoffmann, 2003). In a 2004 double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized experiment, volunteers showed improved mood after receiving 600-mg dose of Melissa (Kennedy et al., 2004). If you are feeling down and stressed out, lemon balm can help bring calm and lightness back into your life.


Read the rest on The Herbal Academy Blog:
How to Stay Calm and Cool with Lemon Balm Lemonade


Herbs to Rock You from Spring Into Summer

I wrote this blog for my friend Taraleigh, for her blog and project- How to Rock Your Life! (She's got an amazing book out too with the same title, get it on Amazon now!) We are holding a live class on this very subject next Tuesday April 3 at 9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST. If you love what you read below and want to learn more about naturally supporting your body this spring; particularly preparing it to rock your summer travel schedule or live music festivals, sign up below! 

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Maybe it’s not feeling like Spring in your neck of the woods yet, but keep the faith because we have entered the Spring Equinox so that means the nice weather is coming! And so is...summer!


I would love to share with you some of my top tips for preparing yourself this spring so that you are READY for the fun that summer has in store! We know that rocking life takes a lot out of you and dancing your butt off at shows can be tiring- so here’s my top herbal tips for getting your body primed and ready to ROCK YOUR SUMMER! The festivals and live music await you!


Spring is considered a time of renewal and naturally we feel drawn to shake off any excess or sluggishness that we developed over the winter. That is why this time of year you may hear a lot about cleansing or detoxing. A lot of people are still looking to shed a few pounds they put on during the holidays or after cold weather hibernation. Some people do juice fasts, some people buy cleanse kits from their local health food stores, and others follow extreme regimens from their nutritionists or doctors. Many people jump on the latest fad diet. I do not like using the word “diet” as I believe it sounds so restrictive and makes you feel like you are limiting yourself. One thing I learned in my years of study of holistic health, herbalism, and nutrition is that limiting yourself always leads to over-indulging later. And makes you feel like you’re coming from a place of lack!  I think it’s best to determine what we can ADD to our diets to complement our health, rather than take away. Disclaimer: That being said-- I do believe that if you suffer from food allergies, intolerances, or serious health conditions/disease, there are definitely benefits to removing certain foods from our diet to watch for improvements. But that’s best discussed with your doctor or nutritionist.


Spring is the best time to increase our activity, eat lighter, fresher foods and gently detox and support our liver, kidneys & lymphatic systems (also think massage, dry brushing, etc), which get stagnant and have less flow in the winter season. You can also do this by incorporating dark leafy greens to your diet (kale, mustard, collards, chard) or gentle herbal liver cleansers that support and strengthen. Two of my favorites for detoxifying and strengthening the body are Dandelion and Nettles.

Dandelion Root


  • Work as a bitter to help to detoxify the liver
  • Also helps with digestion issues such as indigestion, heartburn, constipation
  • You can decoct the root (as tea) or tincture
  • Boil, bake and add to soup
  • Dandelion Leaves
  • High in sodium & potassium, the leaves act as a natural diuretic, helping shed water weight and retention
  • Eat fresh in salad, steam and add to stir-fry or soup, or make a tea



  • Deeply nourishing AND good for spring allergies
  • Natural antihistamine to relieve allergy symptoms
  • Very accessible in the wild, but wear gloves while harvesting; they will sting!
  • Steam and eat as a veggie; or make tea!
  • Chock full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins (magnesium, calcium, iron, and protein) for strong bones, nails, hair & teeth
  • Restorative after stress, adrenal burnout, and illness
  • Natural energy booster and a natural and reliable iron booster
  • Regular ingestion of nettle infusions can restore mineral reserves and relieve menstrual or leg cramps
  • Herbalist David Hoffman wisely recommends, “When in doubt, choose nettle.”
  • Now that we’ve done some cleansing and we’re feeling revived and nourished, let’s talk about other preparations we can take as we move past spring into summer and your favorite festival is right around the corner! I can hear the music now!


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I was lucky enough to be a guest-blogger for the amazing sparkly unicorn, joy-promoting, rock-your-lifer Taraleigh Weathers.


On her blog (click the headline link!) I give my favorite tips for herbal and natural supplements to fuel your body and allow you to get into the groove pre/post and during a music festival or show!

What is your favorite natural way to prepare for a big concert or night on the town?


Also share your natural libations and how you recover after!


Can't wait to read your comments!